April 4, 2020

IAI together with key stakeholders of the accountancy profession in Indonesia is closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and its consequences to individual members and organisations. Our utmost priority is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff, members and stakeholders.

Movement Control Order

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia continues to introduce measures to anticipate and combat the extensive spreading of the virus at the regional and national level. As part of a larger socio-economic ecosystem, we support the Governments’ efforts to enforce the measures. We are closely monitoring the situation and shall consider introduction of further measures by the Government and their consequences to the Institute’s operation.

Health and Safety

We are strictly observing a robust health and safety policy to minimise potential for viral spreading of the COVID-19. Prior to the suspension, we have started to introduce the following measures for our staff and all visitors:

1) Undergo temperature screening upon arrival;

2) Encourage hygiene and provide access to wash basins and hand sanitisers;

3) Practice social distancing and refrain from attending any activities if displaying symptoms associated with COVID-19; and

4) For staff returning from overseas travel, adhere to a self-quarantine process for a minimum of 14 days. 

Operation, Meetings, Events and Other Development Activities

Effective March 17, 2020, we have fully suspended our office operation for the foreseeable future. Our staff are working from home to ensure continuity of our service to members and engagement with stakeholders. Suspended activities include but not limited to meetings, classes, trainings, workshops, events and any non-essential face-to-face interactions.

We leverage technology to ensure continuity of our operation and services. As part of our continues technology development, we have successfully calibrated most of our activities into online platform, fully facilitated by the Institute’s Microsoft Teams facility.

All face-to-face meetings are now recalibrated into virtual meetings, whilst most of our CPD programmes are being recalibrated into virtual classes. Part of benefits that we provide to our members are access to online updates and resources. We are extending these benefits to include access to future online events and other development activities. Having piloted two classes going virtual on March 30, IAI has successfully conducted our first virtual webinar on April 2, 2020, attended by almost 200 participants eagerly discussing issues related to PSAK 71 on Financial Instruments – Indonesian equivalent of IFRS 9 Financial Instruments.

IAI will continue to shift classes and CPD activities to go virtual, while some other events and activities, including but not limited to examinations, have been scheduled to later dates or postponed for foreseeable future.

Financial Reporting

One important role mandated to the Institute is standard setting of relevant standards for the profession. IAI fully supports independent standard setting by the various standard setting boards within the Institute’s organisational structure.

Responding to stakeholders’ inquiries and to provide clarification to uncertainties relating to COVID-19 and its effects to financial reporting, different organisations including the IFRS Foundation has issued clarification and/or guidance for implementation of standards (e.g. IFRS 9) under current circumstance.

The Indonesian Financial Accounting Standards Board has issued a guidance to assist stakeholders in Indonesia in preparing their 2019 financial reports. The guidance provides clarification on COVID-19 in the context of events after reporting period and specifically on consistent application of PSAK 71.


During this period, we shall continue to maintain our communication with our members and stakeholders.

Should you need to contact us, you may find the following key email addresses useful:

1) General information: iai-info@iaiglobal.or.id;

2) Membership: keanggotaan@iaiglobal.or.id;

3) CPD and Certification: ppl@iaiglobal.or.id; sertifikasi@iaiglobal.or.id;

4) Technical: dsak_iai@iaiglobal.or.id; and

5) Finance: finance@iaiglobal.or.id. 

For urgent matters, you may also contact us at the following number: +6221 31904232 or our WhatsApp only number: +628161678255.

For the latest update on our news and activities, please visit and/or follow:

1) Website: www.iaiglobal.or.id;

2) Twitter: @IAINews;

3) LinkedIn: Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia;

4) Facebook: Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia; and

5) Instagram: ikatanakuntanindonesia.

I shall continue update you on any changes to our policies and measurers on COVID-19.

I wish you the very best of health in this challenging time.

Elly Zarni Husin (elly.zarni@iaiglobal.or.id) 

Executive Director


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